Threat Finance



Wisdom Tree Technologies is composed of highly experienced analysts and managers that are experts in the development of small and focused analytical and operational teams to detect, interdict, and defeat illicit financial activities. We are knowledgeable of the current policies, procedures, and practices related to U.S. and international illicit financial activities.

Our primary analysts are the creators and originators of the counter threat finance discipline and specialty inside the Department of Defense. Wisdom Tree analysts are currently providing direct support to successfully engage and defeat enemy threat finance networks on the battlefield for DoD, and on a transnational basis in concert with interagency partners in the war on terror/narcotics. Wisdom Tree has developed specialized training for the gaming industry.

We possess over ten years of hands-on, proven performance within the DoD, and are renowned for our outstanding ability to uniquely solve and counter these very complex, esoteric threat finance/network problem sets. Our analysts are experienced and deft at working with the interagency, law enforcement, industry, academia, allies, and regulatory agencies; all of which are very familiar with Wisdom Tree’s analysts from the tactical level to the national/strategic level.

We bring instant credibility and name recognition to the effort, and we are confident that our resources and capabilities are the best available for this issue area. Our team includes the Former Chief Threat Finance and Counter Terrorism Division/Branch, U.S. Central Command.

1. Formulated, Created and Implemented FIRST Terrorism Finance Exploitation Unit in Department of Defense (DoD).

2. Worked with National, Strategic, Theater and Operational-level agencies in the area of Terrorism Finance.

3. Highly successful– developed exclusive inter-agency Threat Finance Units in Combat Zones. Created and authored strategy and policy on Terrorism Finance.

4. Created, authored and published definitive Threat Finance training curriculum’s.

5. Developed exclusive Counter Threat Finance and Terrorism Technologies.