New Contracts Awarded to Wisdom Tree

New Contracts Awarded to Wisdom Tree

Information Support Services USAREC

Wisdom Tree has been Awarded a contract at Ft. Knox, Kentucky to provide support for the U.S. Army Recruiting Command Signal Operations Information Technology Support Services.  We look forward to aiding the U.S. Army with their goal of creating improved and efficient recruiting services.


Occupational Health Case Management

Wisdom Tree has been awarded a contract with the Kentucky Army National Guard with the purpose of providing Occupational Health Case Management Support.  Wisdom Tree will strive to provide members of the Kentucky Army National Guard with quality of medical care they deserve.


Directorate of Human Resources

Wisdom Tree is proud to team with Choctaw Staffing Solutions to provide Human Resources services at Fort Knox, Kentucky.   Wisdom Tree will implement HR support operations to support leaders and soldiers at all times.

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